Did Drake Just Curse the Minnesota Gophers?

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Well, the Minnesota Gophers have officially made it. On Wednesday, rapper and former child actor, Drake, appeared on an internet video wearing a maroon pullover with the classic gold block ‘GOPHERS’ on the front.

Who cares, right? Normally, I’d agree. But this maroon and gold star sighting is a little bit different. Do you believe in curses? If you’re a Minnesota sports fan reading this, we all know the answer to that question. So, let me ask another one: Have you heard of the Drake sports curse?

Simply put, the Drake curse is a viral belief that any athlete or team that interacts with the Canadian rapper will lose their following matchup. Most of the time, Drake or the sporting star will post a photo together online.

But, even if the rapper wears a particular jersey, appears in the stadium or shows any effort to support an athlete or team, they are at risk of the curse.


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The Drake Sports Curse…

There are a plethora of losses or surprising modern-day sports outcomes that have unfolded in the sports world, over the last decade, that have been blamed on the Drizzy curse. The most recent accusations are still very fresh. Remember last week, when Shohei Ohtani was on a plane to Toronto presumably to sign with the Blue Jays?

Drake, who is originally from Toronto, posted this picture on Instagram wearing an Ohtani jersey. A few hours later… we found out the Shohei to Toronto reports were incorrect. He was not on his way to Toronto and definitely not with the Blue Jays. Days later, Ohtani signed with the LA Dodgers.

He’s blamed for Kentucky’s National Championship drought, Serena Williams’ loss in the US Open and Reece James (British soccer player) getting hurt and having his house broken into.

Can’t curse the already cursed Minnesota Gophers

But… could these two iconically cursed entities actually help break each other out of their misery? I think this could be a timeline changing moment in sports curse history. Because even the famed OVO can’t curse a sports fan base that is already as cursed as this one.

Are the sports gods going to go back in time and take away the Twins’ 1991 World Series like the NCAA already did the 1998 Gophers basketball Final Four? Blow up Kirk Cousins’ other achilles?

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Instead, it seems more likely that Drake wearing a Minnesota Gophers sweater might somehow upset the balance of what is right and what is wrong in the sports world, resulting in two of the strongest and most well known sports curses being broken.

I’m not saying it’s possible… but I won’t say it’s impossible either. With that being said, I’m going to be pissed if I see him in a Timberwolves jersey.

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