Dear Rick Spielman, Just Say No to Hue Jackson

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Dear Rick Spielman,

Today it was reported on Twitter (from someone with a checkmark – I wouldn’t bother you with random Twitter rumors of course) that former Browns HC, Hue Jackson is a candidate for our vacant offensive coordinator job.

Here is the tweet so you can see the reference:

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First, I want to admit that I really know nothing about Hue Jackson. Don’t fault me for that… he coached the Browns.

 Maybe Hue Jackson is the offensive version of Bill Belichick and will only prove to be one of the best coaches in history once he’s allowed to escape that orange porta-potty in Cleveland.

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 No matter how you and Zim feel about him though, I’m warning against this move for your own sake. 

 The fanbase is fragile right now. You have a lot of frustrated life-long skoldiers who are about to walk off of the battlefield. The Wilfs aren’t going to allow that to happen.

 If you hire Jackson and things remain ugly on offense, you and Zim might not make it to next year’s trade deadline.

 Baker Mayfield is on fire right now and his hatred for Hue Jackson has Hue looking like the biggest dumbass in football. He got fired and the Browns actually started winning… 

 Don’t put your job in any more jeopardy than it is already. I wouldn’t be sending you this warning if I didn’t like you, Slick Rick.


 Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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PS: If you are still wavering, check our Instagram post on the subject (or anywhere else on the internet)

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