Dear Minnesota Twins, Sunday’s Loss is My Fault and I’m Sorry.

Detroit Tigers' Niko Goodrum hits a sacrifice fly off Minnesota Twins reliever Trevor Hildenberger in the seventh inning Sunday, May 12, 2019, in Minneapolis. The Tigers won 5-3. JIM MONE, AP
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Dear Minnesota Twins,

My name is Eric Strack and I operate the website I wanted to reach out and apologize for the loss (thus a series split vs a bad Detroit Tigers Team) that I caused yesterday (Sunday, May 12). I know you didn’t miss the blog because our site is such a big deal you may have missed it, given the size of our site, but I guaranteed a victory before yesterday’s game…

…and that is why you lost.

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I can’t take all of the blame though, so I’ll start by shifting some of it to you.

Your team has been so good to start off 2019, that I clearly got high AF off of your success. I’m not the one who plays the games, so I can’t take the fall for this part of the equation. I become irrational when I get excited and your team has me stiffly stuck at midnight. Your play caused that. Not mine.

With Martin Perez and his new cutter slicing opposing teams and hitters into potato chips all season, and the team coming off of a split doubleheader the day before (they don’t like losing), I thought Sunday’s game was as good as a W before it was even played. And, I was likely right…. but then I wrote about it.

I should have known better. I’ve watched my betting career ruin game outcomes that were as sure as the sun rising and my fantasy football life ruin the careers and futures of incredibly talented NFL’ers. I’m just bad luck. So, when I was writing about the Twins sure-victory on Sunday, I was being incredibly selfish. It’s crazy to think that one man and his terrible sports luck could have that much impact in such a big universe… but you can’t fight facts and years of hard proof.

I was worried more about the glory of a guarantee coming to fruition (nobody really would have cared) and wasn’t thinking about the ripple I would likely cause by uttering such words toward a single team. Especially one I care about so much.

Please accept my apology and know that I will never utter such “G” words again. Get back on track tonight vs the Angels, now that the weight of my curse is off of your back.

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Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

P.S. – It’s a good thing I PICKED the Twins to win the Central Division before the season started and I didn’t use such cursed terms that start with “G” or “P”…

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