Dear Jimmy Butler: F*** You

Over the past couple of days I’ve been trying to write a piece that finds a way out of this Jimmy Butler bullshit, that saves the Timberwolves franchise in its current sense. 1500 words later, I still haven’t been able to convince myself… So, I’m giving up and I opened a new post to vent instead.

First, let’s start with Jimmy’s Rachel Nichols interview today with ESPN:

Jimmy wants honesty? He can find that right here.

Jimmy Butler is fucking us. Hard. And, every time his “team” leaks something to these starving reporters or does interviews with ESPN, the fucking gets a little bit deeper and hurts that much more.

Too graphic for you? Blame Jimmy Butler.

I was born the same year that the Wolves were (1989). I was 7 months old when they opened their first season vs the Super Sonics in November of that year. As I grew up, my love affair was obvious. The team that included Stephon Marbury and Kevin Garnett cemented my infatuation and ever since Marbury’s rookie season, when he finished 2nd behind Allen Iverson for Rookie of the Year, This affair has done nothing but break my heart repeatedly. It started with the Marbury departure, which killed a future that should have included multiple deep playoff runs and repeated opportunities at an NBA Title.

This Butler fuck-job is so much worse than the Marbury one of our past.

Sure, we could’ve had Ray Allen had we not made that draft day swap, but at the time we were trading one promising draftee for another. They had different skill sets but both were phenomenal talents.

When we made the trade for Jimmy, we gave up a future that fans were already slobbering over. Wiggins and LaVine were jumping out of the gym and KAT looked like the future of the entire NBA. But, Jimmy Butler was a top-10 to 15 talent that was in his prime. He was a guy who we believed could help mold Wiggins and Towns into the NBA Superstars they were destined to be. He was supposed to add that leadership quality to a locker room that was tight-knit, but didn’t know how to win in the NBA.

What we ended up getting was someone who had no interest in a project like that. Sure, he came in saying all of the right things but it was all lies. Big fucking lies.

– Was the job he was tasked with easy? No.

– Is it his fault that KAT and Wiggins are soft? No.

– Is it his fault that Thibs turned out to be more of a divider than a uniter? No.

But, instead of being the teacher and the leader that he propped himself up to be, he’s become the most divisive member of the entire locker room. Instead of looking for the best way to pull the talent and drive out of the young players that he promised to help raise, he gave up on them. He didn’t just give up on them. He put a bag over their head, suffocated them, and then threw them into the trash can.

Now, instead of taking responsibility for his part in this brutal massacre, he’s duct taping the trash can shut while demanding a getaway car to Mexico before he can be charged with any of his crimes.

Well, fuck you Jimmy. Fuck you.

Do you realize what you’re doing to this franchise? To this fan base? It sure the fuck doesn’t seem like it. And if you do see what you’re doing, then my fuck you is even more relevant. As a fan base, we put all of our eggs into your basket. When you signed on, our future was up to you. It was in your hands. The money was already spent. Wiggins signed his deal and KAT’s was imminent. With those two signed to max deals, future free agents were off the table.

But, that was ok. Because we had you. And, we had your Bird Rights so your impending max-deal was still on the table. We couldn’t go find another star but that didn’t matter. Because we had you… Glen was clearly willing to pay the luxury tax penalty if you were willing to stay. That’s all that mattered.

We never even got to that point, though. Not only did you flip your middle fingers to our future and the next 6 years, in what we hoped would bring us back to the Western Conference Finals, but you couldn’t even make it to the last year of the deal you came here on. The first year was rough. It wasn’t on you, for the most part. Sure, fans blamed your coach for most of the problems instead of the young guys, where you thought the blame should lie… But, then you just give up?

The guy who touted himself as the “try-hard” that never gave up. The guy who had to scratch and claw your way to where you are now? Where in the fuck is that guy? Instead, we got a guy who just gives up when the times get tough. We gave up our entire future for a quitter. A fucking quitter. And not just a quitter… but a quitter who whines, bitches, and moans when he doesn’t get his way. The type of shit that my 7-year-old daughter gets grounded for. You’re throwing a fucking 2-year-old tantrum. You’re lying on the floor kicking and screaming like a little bitch.

Because the times got tough.

People thought Lebron James leaving Cleveland the first time was bad? Fuck that. At least Lebron gave Cleveland every ounce of his heart and soul while he was there. People were mad for his announcement and how he handled the situation? That shit was like gently laying a baby into a crib and singing them to sleep compared to this shit show.

And, you have no remorse. You have no regret. For some stupid reason, you think you’re entitled to what you’re doing. Well, you’re not. You’re entitled to nothing. I don’t give a shit what you did in Chicago or what you’ve done to get yourself here.

Because, all you’ve proven throughout this process is that you’re not willing to put in the work. You aren’t willing to make the sacrifices necessary. You aren’t willing to do all of the things that you claim the young guys won’t do. You aren’t willing to put in the work.

You’re a coward, Jimmy Butler. A big fucking coward.

Eric Strack
Minnesota Sports Fan @RealMNSportsFan

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