Coming Soon: Documentary on 2005 Vikings’ Love Boat Scandal from Barstool Sports

This type of shit is par for the course. When you start blowing up like our 2017-18 Minnesota Vikings, people are going to air out your dirty laundry. That’s the way todays internet driven world works.

No Purple laundry is dirtier, pun intended, than that associated with the 2005 Love Boat Scandal. The vast majority of Skol Nation is acclimated with the infamous true story of the Lake Minnetonka sex party. Barstool Sports’ upcoming documentary will once again shed light on a dark day in Vikings’ history.

FYI – Cover your ears, kids

Our viewpoints on the pending release of the above short film may drastically differ. Before I express my stance, I want to convey that I DO NOT condone what happened that evening. With that piece of information said, get your popcorn ready. Like Bart Scott, can’t wait.

In no way, shape, or form should you be concerned about this release making the Vikings look bad. The actual event took place over a dozen years ago. The New England Patriots are considered by many as the greatest thing since sliced bread. Aaron Hernandez was on their team in 2013. During that time, the former NFL TE was smoking joints with a guy one second, and murdering him the next. They’re fine. We’re fine.

“We had $80,000. For one night, one party” – Fred Smoot

As confirmed by Smoot, our former DB was the “mastermind” behind the operation. The party took place on October 6, 2005. At the time of the incident, the StarTribune reported 17 Minnesota players present on either one of the two yachts. After complaints from crew members regarding being offered money for sex and concern for their own safety, what was to be a 3.5 hour journey was cut short after just 40 minutes.

In regards to what EXACTLY took place during that short period of time on the water, I’ll let the people over at Barstool take care of that realm. After spending the last couple of hours re-educating myself on the incident, just a heads up, shit gets aggressive.

If you don’t believe me, then wait for the Bryant Mckinnie details when the documentary is released on 1/23/2018. Thus far, there is no indication that it will be available for viewing outside of the media company’s website or app.

The aftermath from the Love Boat Scandal included four Vikings’ players receiving misdemeanor charges. The crimes, which ranged from indecent conduct, disorderly conduct and lewd or lascivious conduct were brought forth against Smoot, Mckinnie, Daunte Culpepper, and Moe Williams.

If it’s not Minnesota sports or news/crime related, I’m not watching it. The good folks involved in the production of Game of Thrones seem to be doing just fine without my support. This soon to be released documentary is going to involve all three of my preferred topics. In the State of Hockey, I believe that’d be referred to as a hat-trick.

In case you forgot, the 2005 Minnesota Vikings had a hat-trick of their own: Love Boat Scandal, Ontario Smith Whizzinator, and the Mike Tice ticket scalping fiasco.

Rather than illegally sell his Super Bowl Tickets, Mike Zimmer is taking a different approach than our former HC. Rather than avoiding the big game, he’s trying to take the entire franchise…… and he doesn’t have to travel far.


It’s Our Time. Finally. #SKOL

We’ve waited a long time, #SKOL Nation.

But now, it’s time to “pick the world up and drop it on its F*&^ing head”.

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Update (1/23/2018): To view the entire documentary, click here: The Vikings Love Boat – A Barstool Sports Documentary

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