Cleveland Radio Broadcast Claims Miguel Sano is Fat, Not Injured


This afternoon, the Minnesota Twins are trying to escape from their 3-game series vs the Cleveland Guardians without being swept. Meanwhile, their former top-10 overall prospect, Miguel Sano, is at their Fort Myers training facility rehabbing after meniscus surgery.

But according to Cleveland radio broadcaster, Tom Hamilton, it’s not Sano’s knee that is keeping him from returning to the Twins’ active roster. It’s his weight.

“Miguel Sano, he’s not hurt. He’s just fat. That’s as brutally honest as we can be. He’s down in Fort Myers trying to get in shape.” – Tom Hamilton (Cleveland Guardians Radio)

Hyperbole or breaking news?

Hamilton’s comments are going to be shouted down my Minnesota Twins fans and by many in the media, especially because he bluntly used the description, “fat”. But as someone who doesn’t get offended as easily, I’m intrigued. Darren Wolfson (KSTP, SKOR North) recently reported that Miguel Sano is in Fort Myers and ramping up for a return.

Is it possible that, at this point in his rehab, the wait on Sano has become more about getting him back into shape than it is about getting his knee right? If that would shock you, then I have to wonder where you have been for the last 5-10 years? Probably not following Twins baseball.

On the other hand, it’s unlikely that Tom Hamilton would pull a comment like this out of his ass. Doing so would have no benefit to him. More likely; Hamilton was told, by someone he trusts, that Sano’s path back is being delayed because of his weight, not his knee. We’ll what local insiders find out from here…

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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