Chandon Sullivan is Vikings’ Worst Player

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Chandon Sullivan was signed by the Minnesota Vikings last offseason and he was written in immediately as the team’s de facto Nickel cornerback. His experience in a Donatell-type defense, with the Packers, gave the acquisition a no-brainer vibe. Sullivan was supposed to be a guy who could glue things together early, as the rest of the Vikings defense figured out a new scheme.

Unfortunately, that’s not how things have panned out. Instead, Sullivan’s play in coverage has been abysmal. His 50.2 overall PFF grade is the worst of any Vikings player, both on offense and defense. And it’s only that high because his run defense and pass rush snaps grade in the 70’s.

Chandon’s PFF coverage grade (the only grade that really matters) is a 42.2, which is what happens when you allow 24 catches on 29 targets like he has.

Target Chandon Sullivan to Beat Vikings

If you want to know how to beat the Minnesota Vikings through the air, look to the slot. Chandon Sullivan has allowed 347 yards in coverage already this season. Good for 14.5 yards per reception, easily the highest of Sullivan’s career. That will happen when you allow an 82.8 completion percentage and 128.0 QB rating, when targeted.

The Vikings’ defense has been a problem all season. They’ve been able to keep teams off the scoreboard, ranking 19th in total points allowed. But the yardage they’re giving up, 4th-most in the NFL (2,307), is not tenable long term.

So if there is any defensive position that Kwesi could look to upgrade, as the trade deadline approaches, it’s slot CB to replace Chandon Sullivan. Would it fix all of the defense’s issues? No, but it would be the best place to start.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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