Cam Talbot Not Buying Into Goalie Timeshare


The Minnesota Wild signed (37 y/o) Marc-Andre Fleury to a 2-year contract worth $3.5 million per season on Thursday night, just before the opening bell rang on the 2022 NFL Draft. That means the Wild, who still employ (35 y/o) Cam Talbot, now have two starting-caliber veteran goalies on roster.

General manager, Bill Guerin, claims that’s the way he wants to keep it. And honestly, an easy argument can be made for rostering two high-quality, veteran goalies who both have a plethora of past playoff experience. But, everyone has to buy into a shared net concept.

Thursday – NFL Draft (Day 1)

And there’s evidence out there that Cam Talbot, who has one season left on his contract ($3.67M), may not be on board for another 82-game + postseason timeshare with his future HOF teammate, Marc-Andre Fleury.

Talbot, the Wild’s clear-cut No. 1 until Fleury was acquired for a second-round pick from the Chicago Blackhawks in March, is a consummate pro and has a great relationship with Fleury, but he also made it clear he wasn’t happy that he played second fiddle to Fleury in the playoffs after going 13-0-3 in his final 16 regular-season games. What’s more, one of Talbot’s agents, George Bazos, could be seen voicing his dismay to Guerin in a Bell Centre corridor during Thursday night’s first round, not long after Fleury’s two-year, $7 million contract was announced.Michael Russo (The Athletic)

Friday – NFL Draft (Day 2)

Fast forward

Cam Talbot may have a problem with saying “no” to authority figures. Maybe, he has a complex about letting people down? Following the Wild’s playoff exit, Talbot told media he was a little “pissed off” by their decision to ride MAF. But now, he’s telling Bill Guerin and Minnesota Wild beat reporters he’s “OK” or “fine” sharing the net next year. Smells fishy.

Meanwhile, everybody close to Cam is upset. His agent is chewing Bill Guerin out in a hallway at Bell Centre Arena, in-between draft picks on Thursday. Then on Friday, he confronted Guerin AGAIN at the draft. Afterward, he let it be known to Pierre LeBrun (TSN) that “Billy has a lot to think about”.

Don’t forget about what Talbot’s wife, Kelly, posted to Twitter during the playoffs. She felt compelled to let let the world know how “ride or die” she was. That she was excited for “wherever the next adventure takes us”.

Let’s be honest, the Minnesota Wild could use some of the $3.67 million they’re set to pay Cam Talbot. If he wants out, and they can find a trade partner willing to take his full salary, both sides might be better off with a divorce.

Stay tuned…

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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