Calls for Vikings to Retire Randy Moss’ No. 84 Grow Louder

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Calls for the Minnesota Vikings to retire Randy Moss’ no. 84 jersey aren’t new. Fans and media members have been asking that question out loud for years.

But on Monday night, the internet took interest in the topic after Irv Smith Jr — who has worn the purple and gold no. 84 for the past three seasons — dropped a sure touchdown pass from Kirk Cousins. A miscue that may have well have changed how the tragic evening unfolded.

Vikings Undressed by PMT

Then on Wednesday morning, the extremely popular Barstool Sports podcast, “Pardon My Take” amplified the matter by discussing it on their show ( and posting about it on social media accounts with millions of followers.

“We have defended the state of Minnesota and the city of Minneapolis and the sports hell they have been in. But I have something I have to push back on. Minnesota, what the fuck are you doing not retiring Randy Moss’ number? Irv Smith dropping that ball, that was a clear touchdown, that could have changed the scope of the game and how it was being played. That’s on you.” Barstool Big Cat (Pardon My Take)

“The fact that you have a tight end wearing 84, Randy Moss’ number… I don’t want to say it, but that’s a bad sports town move, to not retire [the number of] one of the greatest wide receivers of all time. And now you have fucking Irv Smith wearing it? Dropping balls. Dropping touchdowns! That’s crazy.” Barstool Big Cat (Pardon My Take)

Why hasn’t No. 84 been retired?

There are no lies detected above. The Minnesota Vikings should have retired Randy Moss’ number a long time ago and seeing other players wear it over the years is a downright disgrace. So, why hasn’t it happened?

We don’t really have an answer for that. Stories litter the internet on this topic, going back a decade or more. Most of it seems based around the perceived negative moments of Randy’s stay in Vikings purple. A small minority of the fanbase will point to his “antics” like the Moss moon or early-game exits to the locker room.

But most fans remember the pure joy he brought them when he was making impossible catches, for shocking the league in 1998 and for changing the way football was played in the NFL.

Other theories surround the scale of NFL rosters and how quickly you’d run out if too many are eliminated from selection. The Minnesota Vikings have retired SIX uniform numbers in their history.

  • No. 10: Fran Tarkenton
  • No. 53: Mick Tingelhoff
  • No. 70: Jim Marshall
  • No. 77: Korey Stringer
  • No. 80: Cris Carter
  • No. 88: Alan Page

Who Has Worn No, 84 Since Moss?

Moss has expressed anger in the past, that his number isn’t hanging in the US Bank Stadium raftors. Maybe this new push will get the job done. It’d be about time. To date, four players have worn the 84 jersey since Randy Moss first left, in 2004, including Moss himself. Remember that “collapse” of a season?

  • Aundrae Allison: 2007-2008
  • Randy Moss: 2010
  • Michael Jenkins: 2011-2012
  • Cordarrelle Patterson: 2013-2016
  • Irv Smith Jr: 2019-Present

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