Seems Unlikely Brian Flores Finds Head Coaching Job This Offseason

Minnesota Vikings vs. Cincinnati Bengals December 16, 2023 Paycor Stadium, Cincinnati, Ohio

The Minnesota Vikings defense has struggled a bit more of late. So much so that when the season comes to an end, their numbers may not reflect how much better the defense was in 2023-24 under new defensive coordinator Brian Flores, than the year prior under Ed Donatell.

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It’s hard to say how much the defense’s recent struggles have affected the outlook for Flores in the upcoming NFL offseason head coaching carousel. But one thing seems clear, given how local and national insiders are talking over the last couple days.

Brian Flores unlikely to find head coaching job?

In separate podcasts on Thursday both Darren Wolfson (SKOR North, KSTP) and Ben Goessling (Star Tribune) painted a grim picture of Flores’ odds of landing a head coaching job in the upcoming months.

They both point to his pending litigation against the league as one reason why he isn’t as hot of a commodity, as well as Flores’ pickiness in what job he would take.

“At TCO performance center in Eagan thank you for waiting a quick wave let’s see what episode Dave in Canada wants to know have the odds of Brian Flores state and gone up substantially probably probably gone out yeah I mean I think it’s probably a little less likely that he’s as hot of a candidate. I think he’ll get some interviews, but I think there’s still a lot of questions about what jobs he would take and how much interest there will be given the fact that he’s still suing the league…” “…but I don’t know that he’ll be out of here quite as quickly as maybe we would have seen.”

Ben Goessling – Access Vikings Podcast

“At some point Brian Flores is going to be a head coach again. I don’t necessarily think it’ll be this coaching cycle though. I think there’s a better chance he’s back with the Vikings in 2024 versus being a head coach somewhere else.”

Darren Wolfson – Mackey & Judd (SKOR North)

Goessling went on to say that the New England Patriots job is one opportunity that could throw all of this into flux. If they do indeed move on from Bill Belichick and want to go with another culture first defensive leader, Flores is a prime candidate.

But when Dianna Russini (The Athletic) released her latest insider notes on possible head coach openings and top candidates, Brian Flores did not make the list. Why? Obviously, his lawsuit against the league doesn’t help. Nor do the Vikings’ recent defensive performances. But really, it has a lot more to do with the side of the ball he coaches.

Hiring a defensive head coach is risky business in offensive league

We saw it play out with Mike Zimmer. Having a defensive head coach puts your offense in danger of regular turnover, no matter your level of success. If your offense isn’t good, you fire the offensive coordinator. If your offense is good, your offensive coordinator gets hired away for a head coaching job.

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Either way, your offense is learning new verbiage and new systems on a far too regular basis. Even New England, where a Flores hire makes sense, are you really matching your next young QB with Brian Flores after he struggled with developing Tua Tugaviola?

No matter, it appears the Vikings will retain the defensive coordinator services of Brian Flores next season.

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