Brian Dozier’s Days in a Twins’ Uniform Look to be Numbered

Photo: Kim Klement, USA Today

Photo: Kim Klement, USA Today

Next offseason, Joe Mauer and Ervin Santana’s (2019 team option) contracts will emulate a high school graduate who forgoes college. That’s a BIG financial monkey off of the back AND a lot of Pohlad pocket-change (combined $36.50 million in 2018) off of the books.

When Minnesota’s current offseason started as slow as it did, that information was regularly mixed into complaints regarding the organizations lack of spending.

Now, with fans no longer fiending for roster additions, conversations based around Mauer and Santana’s soon-to-expire deals are more of a rarity. In fact, on Monday, discussions surrounded a different Twin, that’s also in the final year of his contract:

With no agreement in place for 2019, 30 year-old Brian Dozier’s tenure in Minnesota could very well end, after this season. While speaking with the media, the second baseman conveyed that he and the Twins haven’t had “any talks about exploring an extension.

Naturally, at his age, Dozier is interested in securing the bag a long-term deal. However, from the teams’ perspective, committing big dollars to the well-established, middle infielder might not make any sense.

Between Royce Lewis, Nick Gordon, and Wander Javier, three of Minnesota’s top five prospects are shortstops. On top of that, the ball-club’s reigning starter at that position, Jorge Polanco, is only 24 years-old. While none of them are currently listed at 2B, all four up-and-comers have the potential to change positions, if the situation calls for it.


Dozier, the Mississippi native, has blasted a combined 76 HRs over the past two seasons. Those type of numbers from a second baseman are an anomaly. For now, that irregularity is a blessing. If you’re in the camp that feels Dozier needs to stay in the Land of 10K lakes, assuming he ends up hitting the open market, the moon-shots will become a curse.

That old supply and demand economic model is going to get your ass. Due to his unique power, the man who has been known to turn a broken bat into a makeshift duck-call has the potential to be the highest paid free agent second baseman since 2014 (Robinson Cano).

Brian Dozier’s Stats:

However things ultimately play out, “Brian with the Good Hair” has been an absolute bargain:

In conclusion, the purpose of this article was to simply plant the seed. As for what type of proverbial plant Dozier’s baseball future will become, that remains to be seen. From his personal performance, to whether Minnesota will be buyers or sellers at the trade deadline, and everything in-between; there are plenty of variables associated with this topic that are yet to be decided.

With that being said, don’t be surprised if future reports regarding Dozier’s future, are more all over the place than this state’s climate.

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