Bountygate Just Got Sean Payton a Movie Deal with Happy Madison Productions

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Sean Payton is one of those guys that nobody likes. He reminds me a lot of Drew Brees’ facemark. Disgusting.

The crimes have been proven. Payton and his coaching staff orchestrated a paid hit on Minnesota Vikings HOF quarterback, Brett Favre, in the 2009-10 NFC Championship game. Bountygate cost jobs and triggered suspensions inside the New Orleans Saints organization and Sean was banned from the league for the entire 2012 season. The Saints cheated their way to the Super Bowl in 2009-10 and ending Favre’s career was just part of the plot.

And now Payton’s career defining moment has earned him a movie deal. Payton, who went and coached a high school football team while serving his year-long suspension, will be played by Kevin James and produced by Happy Madison Productions. I wish I were joking.

“Coming Home”

Uh, Kevin James the actor? That’s right. James is going to play Sean Payton in a Netflix movie called “Home Team,” produced by Happy Madison Productions. (Sound familiar? It’s the Adam Sandler company.) Imagine this: The plotline begins in 2012, when Payton is suspended for the season by commissioner Roger Goodell for the Saints’ bounty scandal, which gives Payton the chance to re-assess his life and put it in some perspective. As part of his new life, Payton becomes the offensive coach for his son Connor’s sixth-grade football team, the Warriors, in the Dallas area. (Thus, the “Home Team” title of the flick.) Filming of the movie begins this year. Payton read the script recently, made some corrections, and here it comes. My one thought about casting: James is going to need to lose a few pounds to play Payton.

Peter King

I hate that Adam Sandler is going to help make Sean Payton more famous. I remember back before I wrote this blog, back when I liked Kevin James.

Those were the days. Mall Cop was such a classic that will now melt away in my next bon fire. Too bad.

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