Blair Walsh Misses Game Tying FG on Monday Night Football

I’m not going to sugarcoat the opening. In Blair Walsh’s defense, the kick was from 52 yards. That is far from “gimme” distance.

However, just like me on the 18th green, he couldn’t convert. The ball seemed to have a chance for a second. Ultimately, it fell just shy of the crossbar. At least it wasn’t wide left, right? The failed attempt gave the Atlanta Falcons a 34-31 victory on MNF.

That wasn’t very nice of Sean McDonough. There was no need for the announcer to bring up the infamous Wild Card game blowing FG. It got my irrational Purple Pride heated. However, the failed kick twenty seconds later brought me back down to earth.

This November has not been a good month for Walsh. Two weeks ago, the former Viking kicker, missed three field goals in a 17-14 loss to Washington.. Those shanks were from 44, 39, and 49 yards. All three wound up left of the uprights. After that broke ass performance, much of Seahawks Nation wanted Walsh cut. Pete Carroll made the decision to stand by the Georgia Bulldog alum.

Now, fast forward to last night. The game is under the National spotlight. The table is set for Walsh to erase any doubt Seahawks fans have of his ability. Seattle can force OT if Blair can redeem himself. NOT THE CASE (KEENUM). The way his month is going Walsh’s Thanksgiving turkey will be burnt to all hell. We call that “Milwaukee style.” All buzzed up and forget you got the grill/oven going. The meat just comes out charred.

For me, it’s whatever. Don’t get me wrong. I do get some joy out of watching Walsh struggle. That joy doesn’t help erase the memories from the playoff miss. I simply just can’t forget about one of, if not the, worst chokes in playoff history.

A reminder of what this man put us through:

There is only one way for me to move on. A Vikings playoff win is what Johnny Minnesota needs. I need it so fucken bad. We BULLIED the Rams Sunday. The Bank was an absolute electric factory. My kudos and appreciation to you if you were there. Coach Zimmer asked for the noise and the Minnesotans brought it:

8-2. 2nd place overall in the NFC. It’s on to the Motor City Kitties. It’s weird to think that game is ONLY TWO DAYS away. The Vikings are 3 point favorites for Thursday’s contest. If Minnesota can beat Detroit (6-4), they will have a complete strangle hold on the entire NFC North.

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