Bill Guerin Wants Some “F*** You” in Marco Rossi’s Game

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Marco Rossi was supposed to be the future playmaking center that Minnesota Wild fans have been desperate for since their franchise first dropped the puck 22 years ago. But his first real run in the NHL fell far short of those expectations.

Rossi played 16 games with the Wild before general manager, Bill Guerin, finally threw up his hands and sent the 21-year-old Austrian back down to Iowa. He’s been up and down for the Wild affiliate since his demotion.

Guerin knows what Marco Rossi needs

On Friday, Guerin went on Michael Russo’s “Straight from the Source” podcast and didn’t hold back on what he wants to see from his young center, before he gets another chance with the big club. The Rossi conversation starts at the 24:25 mark below but Billy’s expectations got pretty NSFW when Russo asked a follow up question comparing Rossi’s attitude on the ice to fellow youngster, Sammy Walker (transcript below).

Russo: “What did you not see from [Marco Rossi] and what do you want to see from him when he gets back up here? I know Sammy Walker is a couple years older but he made his presence known immediately.”

Guerin: “That’s what I want… that’s what I want.”

Russo: “Assertiveness?”

Guerin: “Like… some jam, some excitement. Some… some… ‘fuck you’ in your game. That’s what you need to survive in this league. It’s not a league for the nicest guys. I mean, you can be a nice guy. You can be a great guy but where there’s games to be won and 50-50 battles and things like that, you have to have some jam in your game.”

In the moments that came before the quotes transcripted above, Billy made it clear that Marco Rossi is still a very important part of the organization and that tough times can bring the best out of hockey players. That’s his expectation for Rossi, too.

Hopefully, the Wild GM is right because Rossi was the worst player on the ice for the Minnesota Wild, according to The Athletic’s midseason player report cards. How bad was it? His play before being sent down was worth -2.2 million in market value.

I don’t know how Marco Rossi will take these quotes from Bill Guerin but the frontal and unfiltered nature he speaks with is exactly why the State of Hockey is falling in love with him. Whether happy or not, Marco knows exactly what’s needed if he wants back into the Minnesota Wild’s lineup.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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