Battle of the “CENTURY” | Vikings’ Millie Wall > Eagles’ Grandpa Phil

The Vikings surprised Millie Wall by sending her some tickets to her first playoff game for her upcoming 100th birthday. (ELIZABETH FLORES, STAR TRIBUNE - Millie) /// (@_jbpotter7_ - Phil)

(ELIZABETH FLORES, STAR TRIBUNE – Millie)  ///  (@_jbpotter7_ – Phil)

Outside of Stefon Diggs and Case Keenum, no one in Minnesota seemed more influential to Sunday’s victory than 99-year-old diehard fan, Millie Wall. Now, with Millie as our leader, Skol Nation will cheer on the Vikings as they travel to Philadelphia with a trip to the Super Bowl on the line. The Eagles have a broke man/woman’s (East Coast) version of the Zim Reapers. On top of that, they apparently have a poor-ass rendition of the Vikings’ good luck charm:

First and foremost, I have nothing against Grandpa Phil himself. I like the man’s passion. The 99 year-old’s allegiance to that city runs deep. However, I do have a little something against Eagles’ fans who are trying to compare this guy to our gal. What a reach. If that’s the days’ theme, while we’re at it, are there any Saints’ fans out there wanting to compare your secondary to Minnesota’s? Anyone who uses the internet knows that reaches such as this are part of the game. Normally, when I see them, I move on and don’t think twice. It’s when Philly fans start taking jabs at Millie that a response needs to be issued: The above headline came from Adam Ferrone with Barstool Sports. Personally, I have nothing but love for him and the Boston-originated business. However, at Minnesota Sports Fan, there’s a reason we do things differently. For now, I’m just going leave it at that. With all of that said, any Philly fans, in Ferrone fashion, who think Grandpa Phil is comparable, even spry by Millie standards, are out of their mind. Once again, nothing against the 99 year-old man personally. It’s just like I told my friend’s girlfriend when she kept calling him, after he’d been celebrating Sunday night’s win for longer than she expected: “I’m not even sure he can stand up.”

It’s tough to have a battle of the centenarians if only one of them can walk. Millie watched the entire game, drank, and small talked with the commissioner of the NFL. If these two squared off, it would be the worst defeat for Philadelphia since the Fresh Prince left. I mean, after being born and raised on the Westside, his mom made him leave for California. Ultimately, his West coast fame shed a dark light on Pennsylvania’s largest city. Ouch. Like Millie Wall, Grandpa Uncle Phil is a legend:



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