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After a big win last night but a scary injury to Mitch Garver, the Twins put out some very positive and “sigh of relief” type headlines later this morning.

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So, Mitch Garver will start out with just a 10-day stint on the disabled injured list. That’s a big deal, given most would have put their money on the reservation being closer to that of the 60-day variety, after this hit yesterday on what should have been a team lifting moment provided by Byron Buxton…  

Was this slide fair or foul? I DEEP dove on that last night in this twitter thread:

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Now, onto what could be much bigger news in the long run…. Miguel Sano is back.

I can’t wait to see him take some of those Paul Bunyan hacks and hit some Big Time bombs for a lineup that would have been lacking that power with Garver on the DL IL and Nelson Cruz struggling with his own injury issues.

Sano won’t be in the starting lineup tonight but even if we don’t get to see that sexy Dominican ass shake on it’s way to the plate tonight…. the hours can be counted down until Miguel is launching 114.7 MPH missiles into the 3rd deck of Target Field.

Eeeeeerrrrrr meeeeerrrrrr geeeeeerrrrrrd that swing….

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Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan


Eric Strack

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan Founder (The George Washington of this website)

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