Antonio Brown Tells Vikings Fans to Trust Mike Zimmer

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Happy Wednesday, Minnesota Vikings fans. The NFL season may be coming to an end for your favorite team and the football world probably feels like it’s crumbling around you now that our playoff dreams are dead. But, I bring good news. Turn that frown upside down because NFL star and current internet sensation, Antonio Brown, has a message for you and it comes with (probably) sage advice.

“I would love to have an opinion, to actually tell you, what should the Vikings do with Kirk Cousins, Mike Zimmer, their offense, the defense…? But man, I’m trying to figure out my team, my squad, what I’m doing, where I’m going.

“So SKOL Nation, I would tell you how to fix the Vikings: Call Mike Zimmer, let Mike Zimmer figure it out. He’s the best of the best. You guys are in good hands.”

“Vikings Twitter, keep business booming.”

Hear that, SKOL Nation? Antonio Brown has the utmost faith in the leader who’s already steering Minnesota’s non-playoff Viking ship. AB says to just “let Mike Zimmer figure it out”. Brown isn’t a player who goes around throwing out respect for just any head coach. Even guys like Mike Tomlin and Bruce Arians couldn’t remain within his good graces for long. So if you trust in AB (and who wouldn’t), the Vikings are already “in good hands”.

You can get advice from AB too!

This Cameo appearance by Antonio Brown was the brainchild of Vikings fan Thomas Sullivan, whose Twitter account posted this video. He and a few other faithful personalities who like to hang out on the bird app rounded up the $300 it costs to receive such a personal and thought out message from the Super Bowl champion, himself ($2000 for businesses).

So if you’re feeling down and need AB to lift you up like he did an entire NFL fanbase today, all you need is a few hundred bucks and a low minimum standard for “expert advice”. Hopefully the Wilfs see this before it’s too late.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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