Antoine Winfield Jr Named Unanimous 1st Team All-American; 7th in Gopher Football History

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It’s official, Antoine Winfield Jr. is the first unanimous 1st-Team All-American for the Minnesota Gophers since 2005. Winfield joins a brotherhood that included just 6 men before he got there. He and Greg Eslinger (C-2005) are the only two Gophers in the modern age to earn this national distinction. The others all received their honor sometime (in the GOLDEN Gopher ages) from 1936-1962. In other words… This is a BIG deal.

We shouldn’t be surprised though, since his dad did the same thing for Ohio State in 1998. Remember though, even with his impeccable lineage, Winfield was NOT a high-profile recruit. According to, Antoine Jr. was only a mediocre 3-star (.8285) recruit back in 2016. 

As for the season that got him this unanimous 1st-team selection, it was insane…

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In order to be considered a “unanimous” 1st-Team All-American, you need to be awarded the honor by all 5 accredited associations:

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Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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