Another Woman Emerges Saying Anthony Edwards is the Father of Her Child

Anthony Edwards, Minnesota Timberwolves at Dallas Mavericks
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Anthony Edwards and the Minnesota Timberwolves’ 2023-24 season is long over, but offseason activities are just getting started. Last week, it was the NBA Draft. This week, it’s free agency. Next week, Summer League tips off in Las Vegas.

None of those things play into the life of Edwards, though. Minnesota’s superstar is in offseason mode, which by all accounts has meant a lot of training and… well, we all know what Ant loves to do off the court. He has a couple of recent children to show for it.

Anthony Edwards alleged of having third child with new mom

Well, as the world is finding out via the internet on Tuesday, he has three kids (with three different women) to show for it. The latest revealed herself via instagram, where she came with screenshots and what appears to be a positive DNA test.

Ive been nun but a great mom and a cool mf i let yall talk what yall wana say for MONTHS im such a peaceful mf i even prayed for the other children cause end of the mf day them my sons siblings and ion do the ghetto but yall wana c ghetto coool

@iamallyd – instagram

Minnesota Timberwolves blossoming superstar is a dad… again?

All we know about this new alleged baby mama is that she goes by “Ally D” on instagram (handle: @iamallyd). She alleges Ant’s fatherhood in her stories. Along with photos of the DNA test above, her screenshots include texts that she claims are from Edwards.

If this is legit, the messages are that of two young 20-somethings living in a world I do not understand. The relationship seems mostly amicable, but somewhat of a rollercoaster. Clearly, she knew Ant was in another (other) relationship(s), and wasn’t bothered by it until he wouldn’t claim the child as his, instead choosing to get lawyers (πŸš”πŸš”πŸš”πŸš”) involved.

Ive been harassed and talked about so mf poorly over a person who i legit dont even speak about nor care to mind yall i aint under no NDA nun i just choose to raise my child nd go about my damn life… Idk why yall let a weak lawywer spin narratives into this its sad at this point oh nd leme unblock my BD so i can tagg that mf too

@iamallyd – instagram

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All this mf had to do was leave me out the bs and the stuff foreal im such a peaceful person but when it comes to my son im not about to keep letting the BS keep going period

@iamallyd – instagram

As you can see, Ally D brought plenty of ammo for her accusation and seems to already be dealing with Anthony Edwards’ lawyers and “team” or “handlers”, whatever you want to call them.

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If this latest child is Ant’s, he will officially be well on his way to fathering as many kids as Michael Jordan, who some have said might be his father. Will he take the local crown from Adrian Peterson? Only time will tell.

If there is an update to this story, we will have it here.

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