Will Anthony Edwards Really Play All-Star Game Left-Handed After Failed Skills Competition?

NBA: All Star Saturday Night
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It’s the NBA All-Star break and most of the league is taking their week off to kick back on vacation or at home with family, as they wait for the final 30-game stretch of the season to begin. Minnesota Timberwolves blossoming superstar Anthony Edwards is not one of those players, though.

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After making the first All-Star roster of his career, Ant is in Indianapolis with the rest of the elite talent in the NBA. The actual All-Star game isn’t until Sunday evening, but Edwards didn’t wait until then to make Indy interesting. He’s already made an enemy out of Kawhi Leonard after he called him old.

Anthony Edwards committed to playing All-Star game (and weekend) left-handed

But even more intriguing than that, is Ant’s commitment to doing everything left-handed this entire weekend. It started with the skills competition, which was held early on Saturday evening. He’s been practicing his lefty 3-pointers from the corner… but it didn’t show today.

Some found it funny, others did not. Some also thought Anthony Edwards was so good with his left hand that he could be considered amedextres. We found out that is definitely not the case. So… he isn’t going to actually play the All-Star game left-handed, right?

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Maybe he’s changed his mind after such a brutal performance on Saturday, one that single-handedly lost his team the skills competition. But… as far as we know, Ant still plans to play the entire All-Star game on Sunday left-handed too. Whatever he inhaled prior to this interview seems to be of the left-handed variety, as well.

Like in other professional All-Star or Pro Bowl events, none of the participants in Sunday’s game will take it all that serious… but if Anthony Edwards plays the entire contest with his left hand, he would take ‘exhibition’ to another level.

A level I’m not so sure Timberwolves head coach Chris Finch, who is also coaching the West All-Stars this year, will allow it after what we saw on Saturday night, either. Or the NBA commissioner, for that matter.

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