Screenshots Say Anthony Edwards Paid IG Model $100K to Have Abortion

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Anthony Edwards went viral on social media for all the wrong reasons on Sunday night, after Instagram model Paige Jordae (@dreampaige) posted screenshots of text messages that Edwards has since confirmed were his.

In the texts, Ant strongly pushes her to abort a baby she unveils as his, and to provide proof she did so. In exchange, he promises and eventually sends $100,000 via wire transfer, which Jordae also provided confirmation of.

Anthony Edwards allegedly paid $100K for Paige Jordae abortion

At 19-5, the Minnesota Timberwolves sit atop the Western Conference and might be, as Rick Carlisle put it after the Wolves stomped on his Indiana Pacers Saturday night, “one of the best teams on the planet”.

Will Jordae’s allegations against Ant put a damper in Minnesota’s season? Probably not, given the baby mama drama that exists throughout the NBA.

Still, there were some pretty immature and irresponsible messages messages in those screenshots. Flippantly telling a woman you impregnated to “get an abortion lol” and then demanding she send video evidence of it, is not the type of masculinity I’ll be teaching my son.

Ant already has a baby on the way…?

Jordae had over 1 million followers on Instagram, even before she posted these photos on her story Sunday night. And she’s not to be confused with Anthony Edwards’ confirmed girlfriend, Jeanine Robel, who announced last week (also via Instagram) that she too is pregnant with Ant’s baby.

Robel, who Edwards has been in a relationship with for awhile now, is eight years older than he is and has a school-aged child with rapper, Chief Keef. This certainly isn’t the first instance of a professional superstar athlete with alleged baby mama drama and it won’t be the last.

Still, it’s not a good look for Edwards. It’s tough to shake evidence showing you can be that big of an asshole. He’s at least trying, though.

Read Ant’s statement addressing exposed text messages:

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