ANNOUNCEMENT: Bleeding Purple Podcast to be Stracked Full-Time

The rumors are true…. I’ve joined the Bleeding Purple Podcast and will be co-hosting episodes with Adam Patrick of The Viking Age, twice per week (airing on Tuesdays and Thursdays), going forward!

I co-hosted the last couple episodes with him over the last month and he asked if I’d come on full-time. After weeks of excruciating negotiations, we’ve come to a deal. This is proof, that if you talk loudly and often enough, anything can happen.

Our first official episode was last night. We talked about the Trent Williams trade rumors, Dalvin Cook, and whether the NFL should cancel the draft because of Coronavirus.

Starting by next week, we will have episodes watchable on YouTube, on top of the listening options already available! Subscribe to our YouTube channel HERE. We plan on having big time guests that you won’t want to miss! Also follow the show on Twitter.

You can subscribe and listen to the Bleeding Purple Podcast by clicking on your favorite listening platform, below:

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