Andrew Wiggins Fires Agent; Agent Fires Back, Plans to File w/NBPA

Andrew Wiggins Fires Agent and Agent Filing with NBPA

Andrew Wiggins has fired his agent, Bill Duffy, per Adrian Wojnarowski.

Don’t panic Wolves Fans. It looks like Wiggins still plans on signing his extension with the Timberwolves

Agents get fired all the time.  This situation seems to be different. According to Woj, NBA agents are able to take 4% of newly signed contract as commission money.

According to Duffy, Wiggins has been getting offers from other agencies for 0% commission off of his new contract. This is a very intriguing situation. Wiggins’ agent isn’t taking things as lightly as I am. To me, this is awesome. I am going to dig into EVERY corner of this. I can’t wait to read and watch EVERYTHING. Like my wife watching Real Housewives of whatever big city I don’t care about.

However, Duffy isn’t having as much fun. Here is what he has to say:

“Unfortunately, tampering is a common problem in our industry, and that’s part of the reason why I’ve already been in contact with the NBPA to discuss my rights in this matter. Obviously, whenever Andrew signs the max extension that we negotiated with Minnesota, we will work with the NBPA to make sure that our interests are protected.”

I love how he calls it tampering. I wonder what is built into those contracts. I know most businesses don’t have the luxury of making sure their employees don’t go off and have affairs with other companies.

Duffy will still get some of his money since he is the one who negotiating the deal that Wiggins is pretty much holding, with his uncapped pen in hand.

Duffy is one of the league’s most prominent agents.

You can read the whole Woj piece here:

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