Alexander Mattison Fined for Viral Touchdown Celebration

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Alexander Mattison scored a touchdown in the Minnesota Vikings’ win over the New York Jets on Sunday. His celebration — in which he faked a leg injury before twerking on all fours — went viral soon after.

The internet went even crazier when it realized Mattison’s cele was paying homage to female soccer player (Kansas City Current), Lo’eau LaBonta, who did her own stand-up version after scoring a goal earlier this year.

Alexander Mattison Fined by NFL

Mattison’s twerk was everywhere, including the NFL’s own social media channels. But that didn’t help him avoid the fine that came down from league offices on Friday afternoon, when they informed the Vikings running back that $6,503 would be missing from his next paycheck.

He tweeted this in response and followed it up with the same question we were all wondering. Where in the hell does the NFL get these oddly specific dollar amounts?

As was astutely pointed out by Jack Leverentz at 10K Takes earlier this week, Mattison’s three hip thrusts were supposed to help him avoid a fine. According to the NFL’s celebration rulebook, twerking is allowed. But only if there are three thrusts or less.

Alexander doesn’t appear to exceed the three hip thrust limit so we’ll have to wait and see why the No Fun League took offense.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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