Air Crunch Dance Routine is Next Level NBA Intermission Entertainment

NBA teams have a lot of different ways to entertain fans in between quarters, during halftime and TV timeouts. From mascot trampoline dunks to Red Panda’s spinning plates, teams and arenas pull out all the stops.

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Air Crunch dance routine is peak intermission entertainment

But on Tuesday, the Minnesota Timberwolves may have set a new bar in intermission entertainment when they sent out “Air Crunch” and “Chomper” for a choreographed dance routine that has Patrick Swayze smiling down from above.

Where do you go from here, because I’m not sure ‘up’ is an option. Seriously, how do you top this intermission idea? Whichever 20-something in-game intermission arena director (that’s a completely made up position) that came up with this has already peaked in their professional career.

For the rest of us, we will have this video to enjoy forever.

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