Adrian Peterson Denies Ever Authorizing the Sale of His MVP Trophy; Says He’s Taking Legal Action

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Wednesday afternoon, news broke that running back Adrian Peterson was selling his 2012 NFL MVP trophy, along with his Offensive Player of the Year Award, and a bunch of other memorabilia.

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Given AP’s well-documented financial struggles over the years, it was assumed that he authorized and sought out a company to sell these things for him. But this evening, Peterson dropped a video where he denies ever giving the go-ahead to to sell any of his precious trophy case material.

Adrian Peterson taking legal action against auction company

In the 1:21 video, AP says he will be taking legal action against the online auction company, TexMax Auctions LLC. AP added that he is doing just fine financially and that, if he did want to sell his MVP or OPOY trophies, he wouldn’t leave it to an an outside broker.

“I wanna clarify recent rumors and media reports. An estate sale company, without my authorization included some of my trophies in the sale, despite clear instructions to leave personal items untouched. I did not authorize the sale of any of my trophies and I will be taking legal action. Trusting this company without supervision was my mistake. We allowed them to go into several of our storage units with clear instructions. They clearly did something unlawful. I want to emphasize that I am financially financially stable and would never sell off my hard earned trophies.

If I was gonna sell them, I know people that I can send them to. I wouldn’t go online and sell my personal items randomly, so let that sink in. It’s concerning that the media outlets did not verify this information with my publicist or me, because a lot of you guys have my number. But you know, it is what it is. I just wanted to address this and put in my own words because people have been texting me here the past hour. But it’s all good, I’m gonna go upstairs and continue to praise God and celebrate. I’m not gonna let the devil win. God bless have a wonderful night”

Adrian Peterson in response to his trophies being listed online by an estate sale company
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