Adam Thielen Implores Vikings Offense to Stay Aggressive

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Last week, the Minnesota Vikings found a winning formula against the Los Angeles Chargers. It was one that relied on aggressive play calling and a trust in the offense that we hadn’t yet seen during Kirk Cousins’ tenure. We may never know who was holding the offense back before last weekend. But as long as that “play not to lose” mentality is in the rearview mirror for good, who cares.

Vikings coaches and players talked with media early this afternoon and wide receiver, Adam Thielen, urged offensive decisionmakers to remain aggressive, going forward. The Minnesota State – Mankato alum called for last week’s “play to win” mentality to be the offensive benchmark going forward.

I think all fans are on board for that philosophy.

Adam Thielen on Vikings Offense (w/subtitles)

Adam Thielen didn’t just implore the Minnesota Vikings to remain aggressive on offense. He believes there were moments vs the Chargers where they could have been even more attacking in nature. In another part of the interview (not seen above), Thielen also noted that dialing up shots on a regular basis keeps him, JJ and other skill guys on their toes, knowing that they might need to make a play at any time.

I thought that was an interesting remark, but one that makes a lot of sense. Just like a pitcher in baseball needs to throw strikes to keep his fielders awake, an offensive play caller needs to call a game that keeps his best players involved.

Different Mike Zimmer

Mike Zimmer has jumped the fence on this issue and now acts as if he hasn’t been the main voice pushing conservatism on offense. That’s laughable. But if it’s a sign of continued aggressiveness to come, then whatever. Hopefully Zim has realized, like Adam pointed out, that the 2021 NFL props up offenses that pass the ball and attack.

That’s why every new rule change favors the offense, as time goes on. Don’t fight it, embrace it. Especially when you have the type of skill position players the Vikings have.

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