Adam Thielen Gets Massive Raise in New Contract Extension

PHOTO: Jeffrey Becker, USA TODAY Sports Images
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Adam Thielen is underpaid you say??? Not anymore!

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Our guy Darren Wolfson has been talking about this deal going on in the background for a very long time. So long, that even I had forgotten about it, somewhat. 

No longer is Adam Thielen the most underpaid WR in the NFL. Fuck no. At an average of $16 million per season, Adam now ranks tied for 6th among active NFL Wide Receivers, according to

How did the Vikings get another deal done under the stress of our current cap situation? The details haven’t come out yet but his cap number for 2019 is likely to decrease in his new deal, per Wolfson on his podcast when he talked about this over a month ago.

I’m just going to just stop worrying about our salary cap as long as Robby B. is holding the controller.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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