Access Granted: We Are Media Credentialed for Gopher Football 2019-20

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After attending my first event as a member of the media, at the Gopher Football Spring Game a couple of weeks ago, I was able to sit down with the team’s media relations this last weekend, to discuss a position in the 2019-20 TCF Bank Stadium Sid Hartman Press Box. After hours of intense negotiations….. (just kidding – they were great) WE ARE IN!

I am proud to announce that Minnesota Sports Fan will be attending all Gopher Football home games in 2019 as a member of the local media. We’ll be there, asking PJ Fleck and Co. all of the hard hitting…….. questions you all want to hear while bringing our great content (and my awesome tweets) directly from the source!

Here are some of the details our credentials cover (plus some other things discussed):

  • Front to back coverage from TCF on home gamedays: We’ll be covering the team’s home games, from beginning to the end of gameday, including pre and postgame media scrums and press conferences
  • Weekly media access: During the season, the team has some type of media availability from Tuesday through Thursday, from official weekly press conferences to player availability, etc. We will have access to those events and will be there, given we have time and availability (we cover the other major sports in town too and have limited staff… for now)
  • **Individual player interviews/availability upon granted request: Team was very open to some unique ideas I have to spotlight/interview popular players (stay tuned). — **in the idea back & forth faze

Some other things to note: We do not currently plan on attending any away games so I did not request that access. It’s something we will address, if needed, as we get closer to the season. HOWEVER, we do have an invite to Big Ten Media Day and will be there as long as we can get schedules and details worked out on our end.

I’m jacked up to get a chance like this and will not waste your time if you come along for the ride! I want to thank Gopher Football for giving us this opportunity and mostly, I want to thank our readers and followers. I appreciate you. Keep clicking, we’ll keep contenting and moving up in the world.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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