A Big Ten Re-Vote For October Football is Apparently Happening Friday…

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There is so much happening in the world of college football right now. Teams from all over the country are getting read to play this weekend. Meanwhile, the Big Ten… well, nobody knows exactly. After following this for days, I BELIEVE the University Presidents and Chancellors are re-voting tomorrow, on whether or not start the 2020 season on October 10.

This meeting was first reported by Dan Patrick on Tuesday.

There are other outlets who are reporting that this meeting will go down tomorrow. The lesser-known Sir Yacht has been touting a meeting like this all week. Yacht says the Big Ten already knows it will reverse its decision, rendering tomorrow’s vote just a finality.

If the Big Ten indeed announces a season tomorrow, I will be giving Yacht credit because he was talking about this before ANYONE else and took a beating for it online. Are you still concerned about these sources? Remember, Clay Travis is the person who brought the White House and Kevin Warren together on a call, earlier this week. I’m not sure you’ll find someone more plugged into the situation than that.

It’s not just this report from Outkick.com earlier today. There are other developments that point to Friday actually resulting in this vote… and the vote resulting in October Big Ten fall football.

Michigan Reinstates Fall High School Sports

In a shocking move today, the state of Michigan reversed its original course on fall sports this year, announcing football and all others will now resume in mid-September. Michigan has two Big Ten Universities that voted not to play a 2020 football season. Do they flip now?

The original Big Ten vote was reported to be 3-11. If the two Michigan schools flip, the vote would be 5-9. If we assume these Big Ten Presidents and Chancellors are now willing to use common sense, the University of Indiana should be an obvious flip, too. Notre Dame is in the same state and already playing a fall season with the ACC, and will even allow fans.

Outkick’s Clay Travis pontificates on the schools that could flip their votes on Friday, in his latest Twitter video.

How Many Dominos Fall?

With Michigan’s high schoolers now playing, who knows what other midwestern states will do at the high school level. Could we see others announce the return of fall sports, too? Did Michigan start a trend today?

If fall seasons start being called back into play at the high school level, do the reversals make it all the way to Minnesota? We are in election season and Walz has been getting a lot of pushback, since cancelling everything.

It’s easy to see how quickly these dominos could start falling. I can’t imagine the Big Ten wants everyone around them playing sports in the fall, while they sit out. Again, all signs point to this vote happening. If common sense and the importance of hundreds of millions of dollars rule the day, I can’t see Big Ten football not returning in October.

Cold Water via The Athletic

However, plugged in reporter Nicole Auerbach (The Athletic) is continuously pouring cold water on all of these conversations… In fact, The Athletic as an outlet, has been poo-pooing these Big Ten October return rumors. So, who is receiving the good leaks and who is receiving the bullshit? Friday should tell the story.

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