92-Year-Old Badass Bud Grant Still a Better Hunter Than Me

Alright, so we all know Bud Grant is one of the most badass human beings to ever be associated with the state of Minnesota. This is  the same guy who led one of the most legendary defenses in NFL history to 4 Super Bowl appearances, coaching on the frozen Met Stadium turf. He has 283 victories between the CFL (where he coached 10 seasons and won 4 “Grey Cups”) and NFL, making him the 3rd most successful professional football coach in history, behind just Don Shula and George Halas

Of course, all of that coaching success came AFTER Grant lettered in basketball, baseball, and football at the University of Minnesota BEFORE going on to play for the Minneapolis Lakers of the NBA, alongside George Miken, where he won an NBA Championship in 1950. He then went on to play in the CFL, because of a contract dispute with the Eagles, after deciding to pursue football professionally instead of basketball.

Fast-forward about 60-70 years and 88-year-old Grant was taking a coin toss, for a Vikings’ home playoff game at TCF Bank Stadium as an alumni, in just a t-shirt, with a windchill of -30 degrees F….

Now, 4 years later, 92-year-old Bud Grant is just showing off. While I was up in the stand for the last two weekends and saw ZERO whitetail deer, Bud was doing the same thing… except he was shooting massive bucks… because he is 92-year-old Bud Grant and I’m 30-year-old me.

I’m convinced that both Sid Hartman (99) and Bud Grant will both outlive me…. and I plan on living into my 70’s, at least. I’m just never willing to rule either of those two out… ever.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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