4-Star (IL) Running Back Commits to RTB in Minnesota Over Nine Other B1G Schools+

When you’re hot, you’re hot… and PJ Fleck is fucking SMOLDERING…. I wrote about it HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE because the man just continues to bust through Minnesota football barriers like someone let the Kool-Aid Man loose in the interior decorating section of Menards.

There will be plenty of time for us to talk about all the gallons of PJ Fleck Kool-Aid I’ve been directly shooting into my neck vein, in the future. Let’s talk about Mar’Keise Irving, the latest 4-star Minnesota Gopher commitment, who is coming on-board with his eyes on being the next NFL running back to play for Minnesota.

I didn’t say it. 247Sports.com’s Allen Trieu said it…. and he’s way smarter than I am…. After you read his breakdown and then wipe the saliva from your chin, watch Irving beast, yourself. Oh… and he goes by “Bucky”, so meme or write those headlines however you want.

“Compact back who does have some natural bulk to him but still needs to add more weight for the next level. A very good athlete who has excellent short-area elusiveness. Does a nice job of breaking tackles and staying on his feet through contact. Runs through arm tackles, has a nice stiff-arm and also runs with determination. Finds his way through traffic. Good burst and despite no record of verified times, can break long runs although he may not have elite top-end speed. Solid as a pass catcher but can still improve in that department. Can play in any scheme and has a skill set that projects well to college. Likely to be a lead back at the Power 5 level and has the tools to end up having his name called in the middle part of the NFL Draft.”

Allen Trieu – 247 Sports

Mar’Keise Irving is one of the best backs in all of Illinois. He was so high on the Gophers’ list that Allen Trieu says they will now take only one running back in this class, instead of the two they were aiming for when they came into it.

The film speaks for itself. The high school level was unfair. He’s mowing kids over like a mascot playing in one of those charity youth halftime games at the Metrodome… Trieu throws out Marlon Mack’s name as a comparison, apparently (Link above).

You probably saw it in the title, but the Gophers weren’t the only Big Ten school desperately trying to land Mar’Keise Irving. In fact, they were one of ten teams trying to coax him into their school for his post high school education.

It’s a lot easier to find the Big Ten schools that didn’t offer Irving (Ohio State, Rutgers, Northwestern). He also picked up offers from some schools you might have heard of from outside of the Big Ten, like South Carolina, TCU and Virginia Tech. The heated contest over Bucky though, took place inside of the Big Ten and the biggest players were Michigan, Michigan State, Iowa, Purdue and Minnesota… and PJ pulled it out.

If you’ve been paying attention, this shouldn’t be a shock. Fleck has mopped the floor with Lovie Smith, in his own state, all season and I must admit… it’s fun to watch. Sam Jackson, the Gophers’ most recent 4-star commit out of Illinois before today’s announcement, has a very close friendship with Irving. He’s been seen actively recruiting today’s commitment on Instagram Live videos Recently.

I wrote more about Fleck’s plundering of Illinois, after Sam committed/re-committed a couple of weeks ago.

This should move the Gophers even higher up the 2021 recruiting rankings… where they already sat at #7. I’ll be back if that needle moves.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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