3 activities to keep Minnesota Vikings fans busy until the new season

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There will have been many that would have been left feeling disappointed by what had happened in the postseason last year against the New York Giants, but Minnesota Vikings fans are undoubtedly counting the days until the next game of their favorite team.

The team has undergone several changes, with key players having left and new personnel having come into the organization via the NFL Draft, thus making the upcoming season one that many fans are looking forward to. However, many are looking to fill the time that the offseason brings with ways in which they can keep themselves entertained for as long as possible.

The long wait might feel like forever, but there are tons of activities you can do as a fan to keep your energy for the team going strong. Aside from watching replays and highlights, you can participate in other related events like tours, games, and sports betting.

Take a Stadium Tour

While most Minnesota Vikings fans will have visited the U.S. Bank Stadium on gameday to cheer on the team when they take to the gridiron, they may not have been able to see all that the venue has to offer. During the offseason, a stadium tour can be a great way to access many of the areas that are not seen on a Sunday (or other days when fixtures are played), thus giving fans even more to be excited about when following their team.

Try Sports Betting

With sports betting having started to emerge across the US, sports fans could look to enhance their passion for the team in the offseason by placing bets on their favorite team. With the team back in practice now, they may have identified certain things that may provide them with an opportunity to wager on. Additionally, fans of the team may feel that they can immersive themselves deeper with the team by playing many of the Viking-themed online casino games that are available.

Start Your Fantasy Football Squad

The offseason and the long wait for football to return can be the ideal time for fantasy football fans to sit down and try to create their teams for the upcoming season. Fantasy sports can be a great way to have fun during the offseason as players are able to discuss with other fans what they think could happen, with Vikings fans able to try and form opinions and predictions about what they think might happen. This can help pass the long wait for the upcoming season, while also helping build anticipation and excitement about what could happen the next time the team steps out onto the field.

Offseason Doesn’t Have to be Boring.

While the offseason can be the boring part of the NFL calendar for fans, it does not necessarily have to be so. While we all want to be able to watch football be played more regularly than it is, Minnesota Vikings fans have three great ways to keep themselves busy until the next time they can cheer their team on in the hopes of going to the Super Bowl and winning the Vince Lombardi trophy!

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