2022 Holy Angels Star Emmett Johnson Chats Early Recruitment & Benefits of Playing Two Sports at a High Level

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Emmett Johnson is a 2022 Sophomore Running Back and Point Guard from Holy Angels High School. Coming off his Sophomore football season where Emmett ran for 1,069 yards and scored 10 TDs, he’s now getting back into basketball for the year.

Johnson has been noticed on the basketball court since being an 8th grader. The summer before his freshman year at Holy Angels, he played AAU basketball with a 17U Minnesota Comets team in Vegas. Once he arrived at Holy Angels, Johnson was inserted as an immediate starter on a team that made state.

PrepHoops.com rates Johnson as a Top 10 recruit for basketball in his Minnesota class and for football, this Summer while he attends camps, will be the key to his prospects in that sport. While basketball has AAU, football does not so camping will be key.

Through Twitter chat this past weekend I talked with Emmett about football, basketball and his immediate plans coming up.

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Q: Might be a little bit early for recruiting since your a 2022 sophomore, but have you heard from schools yet? Football or basketball?

 A: Yes. I’ve heard from Uni, Minnesota, Iowa, Iowa state, UND for football. Basketball recruitment is kind of slow right now but expecting that to pick up during the season.

Michigan State recruiting page also followed me on Twitter for football.

Q: Have you gone to camps for football yet? Or invited to any camps?

 A: Right now I’m not going to any because I focus on basketball in the spring but next summer I plan on attending the top in state and out of state camps.

Q: Will you be playing AAU basketball this year?

 A: Yea I don’t know what exact team yet but I plan on playing AAU.

Q: How’s it feel to be like other Minneapolis guys like yourself that excel at football and basketball?

 A:  It feels great being a multi sport athlete because one sport can help with the other.

Q: How does football help you with basketball and vise-versa?

 A: Football makes me a lot more physical for sure, and helps me react faster and jump passing lanes. For basketball, seeing the whole floor and reading things helps me vision holes while running on the football field.

Q: I’ve noticed you have excellent ability jumping passing lanes, and solid court vision. The strength you have is great for younger guards. A key to finishing at the rim.

This year at Holy Angels you’re not playing with your brother Charles, have you notice a difference in the team dynamic? Are you leading more with the ball in your hands?

 A: Yeah, I have to create great shots for my team and be a good decision maker. I have to play that role of leading in more aspects than last year. Just doing the little stuff as rebounding more and being more aggressive on defense. I have to help lead  the younger guys that haven’t played varsity in the past.

 Q: Are there more guys this year playing Varsity who haven’t played Varsity over last year?

 A: Yes there are. Our bench is also young and it will help us down the stretch.

 Q: Are you hoping to play college football and basketball? Or do you a preference over one?

 A: I love them both right now but thats a decision that I will have to make in the future.

Q: Is it tough managing both?

 A: Yeah. I could see myself playing both of them in college.

 Q: You know I’ll keep posting highlights and following how you’re doing. Thanks for chatting. Hopefully I get this posted up for you by Christmas. (Editor’s note: I suck and this got posted on the 26th – Eric)

 A: Yea for sure, appreciate all the covering you do for me. Merry Christmas!!

 Merry Christmas

Ryan Schmidt | Minnesota Sports Fan

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