10 Years Later: Adrian Peterson Sets Single-Game Rush Record vs Chargers

When I was 18 years old, I watched the future of the Minnesota Vikings introduce himself to the entire country. It sticks out to me because it was over the opening weekend of deer hunting, 2007, and I watched it at what we affectionately called “The Shack” (a run-down trailer home that should have been torn down in 1997, but made it to 2016…. kind of). I’ve seen a lot of money gambled away in that trailer, along with other things we won’t talk about. BUT, I also fell in love with how Adrian Peterson runs the football in that trailer.

296 yards was a new NFL record and has held ever since. This was just the brightest star in a 16-game sky, that was 2007. Peterson went on to run for a total of 1,341 yards that season and 12 touchdowns. That was his rookie season. He also led the league in yards/game with 95.8 being he only played in 14 of 16 games.

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Sources: Sports News Room – YouTube, Pro-Football Reference

Photo: CARLOS GONZALEZ; [email protected]

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