Zimmer Tells Cousins Not to Worry About Interceptions and to “Keep Going for the Jugular”

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Mike Zimmer has transformed into a different head coach over the last couple of weeks and it’s lead to two of the most important wins of his career. Entering week ten vs the Chargers, the Minnesota Vikings head coach was sitting on the hottest seat in the NFL, (+160) according to Oddschecker.com.

But as we’ve written about a few times over the last 8 days, that was the old Mike Zimmer on the hot seat. The new and improved Mike Zimmer thinks with the offensive side of his brain. And while he might still call plays and scheme for his defense, he’s well aware of how important his offense is too.

Zimmer tells Cousins to “keep going for the jugular”

Not only does he know and respect their importance, but this new version of Zim implores his quarterback to stay aggressive at all times and to “keep going for the jugular” when he thinks the shot is there. Interceptions? Don’t worry about them. Those are just part of living life in the offensive fast lane.

REPORTER: Cousins said yesterday that in some places he might have been too aggressive. What was your overall takeaway from the film on his decisions?

ZIMMER: I thought he made some great decisions. I mean, some of the plays they had a linebacker come through the A-gap that he was under center and he was able to get the ball out instead of taking a sack which was an incredible play in the game. He might be talking about the one he threw to Adam and Adam broke it up.

But I want him to keep doing it like he’s doing it. You know, he can’t second-guess himself. If he throws an interception, you know, that’s life. But uh, you keep going for the jugular, it’s going to open up a lot of other areas, in the running game. It’s going to open up other players. So, we just gotta keep being that way.

You heard the man

I don’t know what the new Mike Zimmer did with the old Mike Zimmer and I don’t even care. The old Zim hated Kirk Cousins and his offense, essentially shunning it most of the time. Instead of trusting Kirk & Co to win him games, they were asked not to lose them. Leave the winning up to Mike’s defense.

But that Mike Zimmer is dead and this new and better version has risen from within his ashes to take Kirk Cousins, the Vikings offense and the entire team to a realm we hope we’ve never touched before. I’ve said it in previous blogs and I will say it again.

If the head coach really is a changed man who’s willing to put the game in the hands of his QB, and Kirk has faith in himself and his weapons… anything is possible going forward. Anything.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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