Zimmer Rips Deion for Batting Cage Bunting and Sleeping Through Meetings

Sometimes you’re just wandering around the internet without an aim in the world and you come upon something that’s complete gold. It’s even better when it’s MN Sports related and I can share it with all of you. 

That’s exactly what happened tonight as I was endlessly scrolling Twitter while watching the Timberwolves (PS – Josh Okogie needs more minutes. More on that tomorrow morning). Today, Deion Sanders got on the phone with Mike Zimmer while on the “Rich Eisen Show”. What came next was pure internet magic. 

Zim calling Deion out for bunting in the batting cages and Deion admitting he slept through meetings and didn’t need a game plan outside of knowing who he had to cover is all that I didn’t know I needed for tonight.

Best ever.

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