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Zimmer Refuses to Tell Reporters Why Pat Elflein is on IR and Calls for More “Definitiveness” on PI Rules

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Minnesota Vikings Coach, Mike Zimmer, seems extra owly this season in his press conferences. Like many of us right now, he seems on edge. Any player who complains about Zim being “too honest and forthcoming” with media, won’t be taken seriously in 2020. This is a man who clearly doesn’t have time for Zoom meetings.

We used to get more of the heartwarming and friendly personality that sits under a full inch of his thick, hardened skin. We still get some of it… but far less often than in previous years. In all reality, Mike Zimmer just doesn’t want to give out any information (especially negative) on anything that could be used against him or the Vikings, by media or other teams in the future.

No Time for Zoom Calls

The interview’s first question was posed by Ben Goessling of the Star Tribune, and it was in regards to Pat Elflein’s surprise trip to Injured Reserve this week. It seemed like a reasonable question… but Zimmer had his mouth zipped shut.

Goessling: “Mike, Pat Elflein wasn’t on the injury report Wednesday and we didn’t see him practicing yesterday. How did he get hurt badly enough, between Wed and Thurs, to go on Injured Reserve?”

Zimmer: “I don’t know. He’s just on injured reserve. I’m not going to discuss how he got hurt or what happened or anything like that.”

Goessling: “Can you confirm it’s a thumb injury?”

Zimmer: “Nope.”

I know I’m supposed to be mad at Mike Zimmer… but I just can’t be. I love this man. He is the classic grandpa-coach who is doesn’t have time for anyone’s shit. I want see Mike scroll through Twitter. I want to see him reading are tweets about his defense. That would be on my bucket list if I had one.

Zimmer isn’t talking about Pat Elflein’s injury because he thinks it will give a competitive advantage to other teams, down the road. Will it? Maybe… but I doubt it would be significant enough for this type of secrecy. Who cares, though? It’s just Zimmer being Zimmer.

Zimmer Makes Great Point on Pass Interference Calls in Football

If you scrub the video above, to the 3:20 mark, you’ll see Zimmer take a question about pass interference and instant replay. You can’t challenge a pass interference call in 2020 anymore, like the league allowed in 2019.

The replay system didn’t work very well with pass interference. Mike Zimmer makes a great point, though. I mean, the logic is obvious. How can we expect referees to make correct calls on pass interference in real time, when they’ve already proven that they can’t even get it right with replay?

It just didn’t work, to be honest with you. There wasn’t enough consistency. That’s part, — cuts himself off — in my opinion, which I will probably get in trouble for. That’s part of the problem with pass interference. If you can’t get it right in replay, but all of a sudden you’re going to get it right when it happens on the field? I just don’t feel like there’s enough definitiveness with how it’s being called.”

Mike Zimmer – Video Above

Mike Zimmer blew my mind with this answer. Why didn’t I think of this? He is absolutely right. Isn’t there something wrong with how we are allowing pass interference to be called? These refs couldn’t even watch replay and tell you what PI is. You have every angle and every speed in that environment. Then, we turn around and trust those same people to make a PI call in real time, without replay? That just doesn’t make any sense.

The Softer Side

Mike Zimmer acts like a hard-ass with these reporters, when asked questions he doesn’t want to answer… but he can’t hide his true personality. Zim is just a heartwarming old man, who loves what he does, but also likes dogs (like everyone else). Take a look at how Zim’s presser ended.

The Minnesota Vikings (0-1) are on the road in Indianapolis to play the Colts (0-1) on Sunday at NOON.

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