You Need to Watch This Breakdown of the Vikings O-Line

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Are you looking for that one football analyst who can look at the Vikings’ new offensive line and tell you, with expertise and unbiased eyes, if there is any reason to have optimism about the most important question mark for our favorite football team entering 2019-2020? Well, I think Brian Baldinger (@BaldyNFL) of NFL Network might be your guy. At least, he’s become mine today.

Look at this breakdown of the Vikings’ starters in their new zone blocking scheme from Friday night. It’s limited action but it is all we have and Baldy does a great job:

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Maybe it should mean nothing but this made me feel REALLY good about Elflein and Bradbury. I worry about Kline since he’s the one who can’t hold his own in any of the breakdowns. He’s the reason why Mattison gets tackled after four yards in the rushing video and he is the one who needs help from Bradbury in the passing one.

Overall though, you have to like how much Baldinger likes Bradbury and Elflein in his newish position. The line doesn’t have to be perfect. It just needs to be formidable.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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