JD Spielman is Leaving Nebraska and Staying in Minnesota Looks Like a Real Option… But It’s Early

After months of rumors coming out of Nebraska, JD Spielman (son of Minnesota Vikings GM Rick Spielman) has finally put his name into the transfer portal. PJ Fleck and the Minnesota Gophers are likely making phone calls already.

You could sense this one coming. After committing to Nebraska in August of 2015, JD has not had the best luck in Cornhuskers land. The former Minnesota Mr. Football initially committed to former Nebraska head coach Mike Riley, with expectations of success. But, after two underwhelming seasons, Riley was fired.

Enter Scott Frost. I’m sure all of you know about Frost ( AKA: The Chosen One), but he hasn’t had the success that Nebraska fans expected when he first graced campus with his presence.

Long story short, Spielman has gotten the shaft in Lincoln and he’s probably sick of it. I’ve seen him wearing hooded sweatshirts, so maybe that’s the source of conflict. Only time will tell.

Now, it’s go time for P.J Fleck. After being on the wrong side of a 34-7 smashing to the hands of the Gophers last October, you can bet Spielman was ready to get out of there. 

Coming out of high school, Spielman considered the Gophers (you can see his timeline here), but he decided that Minnesota wasn’t the place for him. PJ Fleck wasn’t here yet. 

You can bet JD is considering the Gophers and you can bet the feeling is mutual. They have an open scholarship and a hole to be filled at slot WR. He also returns kicks and punts, which the Gophers struggled with last year. There are some question marks on whether he will be able to play at all, though.

It doesn’t look like Spielman has gotten a degree yet… at least that is what the early rumors are. That would mean, he isn’t a grad-transfer and not immediately eligible next season, without a waiver from the NCAA. This could help Minnesota’s case, since his family is here and this is where he grew up. Between Coronavirus and mental health issues that came to light a couple months ago, his best chance at a waiver could be staying home…

However, there is A LOT that needs to happen before anyone should get their hopes too high… and a certain former Gopher WR tweeting too much a few months ago, could come back to bite us, as the U of M compliance team looks into everything…

Last year, Spielman reeled in 49 receptions for 898 yards and 5 TD’s, averaging 18.3 years per catch. Fleck is known for wanting to lock up recruiting in the Twin Cities area and adding Spielman would be just another feather in his cap. 

Carson Ruen & Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan