WATCH: Vikings Fans Take on Panthers Fans in Huge Brawl

The Minnesota Vikings and Carolina Panthers weren’t only fighting it out on the football field this past Sunday. Fans of both teams, after a few drinks, were ready to rumble too. The concourse was their octagon and there were no rules. The fight lasted about three minutes and it was the ultimate test of each competitor’s world class athleticism.

The entire scene was action packed. Punches and kicks were thrown, jerseys and cargo shorts were everywhere. It was intense. Then at about 1:20, tensions boil over and erupt into utter chaos. There’s a Vikings fan in a purple t-shirt who seems to drive most of the violence and take most of the beating… but he may have had good reason.

Watch for yourself and then read below for some details on the melee, that have come out since.

What happened?

The main Vikings fan in the video (purple t-shirt guy), who gets knocked out while on his knees at the 1:40 mark, had a reason to be so upset, according to Before the camera started rolling, his mom was apparently “sucker punched”. That according to an off-duty police officer who saw it happen and tackled the alleged assailant (watch in the background at the 0:09 mark).

“He kept getting up attacking. For some reason the video portrayed as if he stayed on the ground. He actually was taken down multiple times. Idk why be he was mad at an elderly woman.”

Off-Duty Officer Goins (via Outkick)

Much like the Minnesota Vikings on the field, purple t-shirt guy refused to give up! That brutal shot purple he took to the face was similar to the Sam Darnold touchdown that sent the actual game to overtime. But just when the fight felt over for the Vikings, purple t-shirt guy wakes from the dead and chases down the “sucker punch” artist who started all of this.

Yes, the same “sucker punch” artist who was tackled at the 0:09 mark by the off-duty police officer finally resurfaces at 02:00 of the video and purple t-shirt guy takes off after him. You’ll see him catch and land a haymaker of his own six seconds later that finally puts some justice into this video. Finally, purple t-shirt guy was able to honorably defend his mom, his wife (who got knocked to the ground in this video too) and the honor of all Vikings fans.


The last of the melee happened up where “sucker punch” artist was laid out to end the last video. These Carolina fans really like to take out their anger on middle-aged women. This time, it’s a young and very fit female Carolina fan who commits the crime on the innocent Vikings fan. Has Carolina become the new Philadelphia?

Cooper Carlson | Minnesota Sports Fan

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