Watch Bud Grant Draw Up Successful “Short Kick” that Beat Chargers in 1981

Bud Grant commands a huddle at Vikings training camp in Mankato. (Photo courtesy of Minnesota Vikings)

Flashback to October, 1981 via

With 1:51 left and the Vikings within 31-30 after Tommy Kramer’s 43-yard touchdown pass to Terry LeCount, Danmeier was wide left with an extra point attempt.

But Minnesota got new life and recovered an onside kick. Danmeier then kicked a 38-yard field goal with 4 seconds remaining to give Minnesota a stunning 33-31 victory over the Chargers.

Kramer completed 27-of-43 passes for 444 yards as Minnesota improved its record to 4-2. The Chargers’ Dan Fouts completed 20-of-38 passes for 310 yards as the Chargers fell to 4-2 in the AFC West.

UPI Archives – Oct. 11, 1981 – Stew Slavin

I came across this video, while keeping up on the zombie land that is the sports world today, and had to share it. Obviously Bud Grant is THE Minnesota Legend.

He was better than you at everything and he is still a better deer hunter than me. We’re talking about a guy who played two different professional sports and then grew up to be the best Vikings coach in the history of a historic franchise.

That’s what most know him for. So, seeing him break down football back in his prime is always a must-see opportunity. However, it’s not very often that fans get to see anyone breakdown a successful onside-kick… let alone with Bud Grant as your teacher.

First, you know it was early in NFL history when terms are used, that are no longer prevalent, like “short-kick” instead of “onside-kick”, but the endorsement of this video goes beyond that.

Give Bud Grant a football question and a chalk board…. then stand back and watch the man work. Unfortunately for us, cameras were much more scarce back then, but this video is crisp, clear and shows Bud Grant in one of his best lights.

A legendary football coach.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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