Vikings Show Atlanta/NFL They Are Not to be F**ked With in 2019

Photo: @Vikings - Twitter
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There’s just nothing like a Vikings game… I love the Gophers and all of the teams we cover but there’s just no feeling like the moments leading up to Vikings kickoff, especially at US Bank Stadium. You just don’t get those butterflies very often, especially in your adult life. The Vikings on Sunday is the epitome of what makes sports great.

In years past though, especially in the first game of the year, we’ve seen those butterflies quickly turn to feelings of queasiness. It’s almost always a mixed bag with this team… but not this Sunday… not in 2019.

Whatever worries you had about Kirk Cousins, the offensive line, or Dalvin Cook’s health (at least for one game) went out the window. And the Vikings onslaught, on both offense and defense, started from the opening snap…

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And just like that, the Vikings were leading 14-0 entering the 2nd quarter. When I say “leading”, I mean to say DOMINATING. 14-0 didn’t even do it justice. Kirk Cousins added another score before half, and we went into halftime with a 21-point lead. That still wasn’t enough for the ass-kicking we were laying down in week 1. The purple looked like they were healthy in week 10 and Atlanta still thought they were playing preseason games.

The Vikings didn’t put any more points up until the end of the 3rd quarter. Anthony Harris, between points 21 and 28 however, put TWO interceptions on the board. He was a thing of beauty and it is quite clear now, why the we weren’t out shopping for safety help this offseason. Oh, and then Dalvin Cook and this revamped O-line put those 7 points, I was talking about before, on the board.

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You could not have scripted a Vikings Week 1 that went any better than today did. Anthony Barr splashed early and showed he is going to be worth every penny. Everson Griffen looks like he is back to his regular-QB-eating-self, causing all sorts of trouble in the backfield and posting his first sack of 2019 in Week 1, after racking up just 5 all of last season. The defense held one of the best NFL offenses (probably) to 12 fucking points (all of which were obsolete and scored in garbage time). 

Meanwhile on offense, the offensive line looked better than advertised, especially in the run game, where it was the Dalvin Cook show (21 CAR | 111 YDS | 2 TD) but Mattison had plenty of room in his limited action, as well.

Kirk Cousins had time for the most part, but even when he didn’t, he stayed strong in the pocket and kept his eyes downfield; something he struggled mightily with by the end of last season. Then again, the Vikings were so dominant in the run game that HE ONLY HAD TO PASS 10 TIMES (I put this in caps so you knew it wasn’t a typo)… We also didn’t need to use a FG kicker, making that whole topic obsolete (to all of our relief).

It’s going to be a great week and hopefully an even better season.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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