Vikings Remain “Team to Watch” in Trent Williams Trade Talks, According to Multiple Reports

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With all the talk about Odell Beckham Jr these last couple days, we’ve gotten distracted from other players around the league, who the Vikings may or may not be interested in. Trent Williams is a name that has been on the Washington trade block since last season.

Reilly Reiff has been serviceable at LT for the Vikings but his $13 mil cap hit is high, and if you are going to pay that or a bit more, the money would be best served towards a potential franchise-changing player like Trent Williams.

Darren Wolfson (KSTP/SKOR North) says the Vikings are still talking with Washington (tweet above) and he is quote-tweeting John Keim, who covers the Redskins for ESPN, dropped a new podcast today. In that podcast, John mentioned the Vikings as his favorite to land Williams, as well. He dropped a couple of bombs that involve the Vikings and the Washington left tackle. You don’t have to wait long after pressing play. His Trent Williams notes are first on his topic list. (Scroll to the 01:34 mark)

“I know Minnesota was one of the teams definitely interested and I think they probably remain the team to watch. Whether they get him or not, I don’t know.”

The John Keim Report Podcast

If the Vikings could seal the deal for the Washington left tackle, they’d solidify both ends of the OL, while simultaneously making Reiff dispensable. The options would be endless with him. Spielman could approach him for a contract restructure, maybe a move to LG…. or a move to a new team.

Keim says the Redskins would be willing to take picks for the 2021 Draft, if that’s the best offer… the Vikings have to like that because they need their picks next weekend! With the potential loss of Williams, it might even make sense to package Reiff, along with whatever potential picks you ship out…

I talked to someone a week ago and the feeling is, they’ll be just as happy adding picks in next year’s draft, as well as this year’s. So whatever it goes. If they get them for 2021, they’re going to be just ok.

The John Keim Report Podcast

Taking Reiff as part of the trade package would give the Redskins someone proven, if only for one season, to help protect Haskins (or whoever they take on Thursday night). Reiff would be better than nothing, which is what they’d have if they stand-pat and do nothing, because Williams has made it clear that he’s not playing there.

We may be in the middle of a pandemic, but with less than a week remaining before the draft, things are going to start happening soon enough. Chaos will unfold… and I’m here for all of it.

Trent Williams and Kirk Cousins were teammates in Washington from 2012-2017. I think it’s safe to say, Cousins would welcome some trusted protection for his blind side…

Brian Heintz | Minnesota Sports Fan

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