Vikings Release 2019 Schedule with Terrible Haiku Video

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First, I want to be the Debbie Downer again and mention how stupid the hype got for the release of this year’s NFL regular season schedule. We might have been the only site that didn’t have an article trying to predict what the schedule would be, right down to the bye week. People were keeping track of the leaked games and piecing together puzzles of leaked bits up until the minute of the official 2019 schedule release that took place at 7 PM CT.

All of that build up… for this:

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Did it take anyone else a few of the games through to really realize what was going on? Did anyone actually finish  the entire video?

This is one of those classic situations where it might seem like a good idea on the face, but once the video is made and someone watches it… there needs to be an emergency “STOP” button available before the end of the process.


I love my Vikings and I love Paul Allen. Nobody was hurt in the making of this video (other than feelings). It’s just funny how bad it is.

As far as the schedule itself, we ended up with 5 primetime games (so they really like us, guys) and just like every other season… we’ll play 16 games in 17 weeks. Some teams will be good and some will be bad but it’s impossible to tell right now, so you can go somewhere else to fall down that rabbit hole.

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Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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