Vikings Still Face Depth Problems on Interior DL after Hall Trade Falls Through

Earlier this week, the Minnesota Vikings agreed to a trade that landed them some untapped potential in former second round pick, (DT) PJ Hall. Unfortunately, Hall failed his physical yesterday, and the trade was rescinded.

The Raiders later released Hall, after the trade fell through. No one knows why Hall failed his physical but the Vikings now have to find another way to improve their depth at defensive tackle. Armon Watts going on the COVID-19 reserve list didn’t help the situation.


Michael Pierce opting out of the 2020 season due to COVID risks was the first big subtraction from the line. And now with Hall failing his physical, the Vikings need reinforcements. We know they have big plans for Watts so hopefully he is able to return quickly.

Although it appears that the attempt to add some flashing potential at a position of need didn’t work this time, the Vikings should keep trying. There are other holes on the roster, but depth at both DE and at DT behind the projected starters is most glaring. With the additional cap space, the Vikings should definitely pursue someone with a similar profile to Hall, but is in better physical shape at the moment.

The success of this Vikings defense relies on depth along the D-line. Fresh legs allow for additional pressures, which frees up other players to cause chaos. Without this crucial depth that Zimmer likes, the Vikings will have a more difficult time if injuries arise for their starters.

Ameer Eldomiatti | Minnesota Sports Fan

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