Vikings Get Their Offensive Coordinator; John, Pick Your QB and Let’s Roll







Dane hit this hip-fired take directly on the head. Seeing the Vikings jump on DeFilippo so quickly was a bit surprising, but now that they have the guy they wanted so badly, it’s time for him to pick his QB so we can get his ship rolling toward 2018-19.

Apparently John Defillippo left quite the impression on the SKOL front office, after the beatdown he helped deliver in the NFC Championship game, because they were bound and determined to make this signing. After staying very patient and interviewing many different candidates, including highly thought of in-house guy, Kevin Stefanski (who it now looks like will sign with Pat Shurmur in New York, according to, the Vikings were chomping at the bit to talk to DeFilippo, who was just granted permission to talk with other teams today.

So all on Thursday, the former Eagles QB Coach is granted permission to interview with other teams, then interviews with the Vikings, who then immediately signs him before anyone else gets a shot… Now, that’s what you call a day. Oh, and PFT is reporting Stefanski will now be a Giant…

So, what now? Well, let’s get to some REAL decisions, eh? Offensive Coordinator was a huge spot to fill. But now, DeFilippo will be the key to making the decision that’ll likely dictate the success of his stint with his new team.

Does he stay in-house and run with Keenum, Teddy or even Bradford? Or, does he go for the proverbial jugular and jump on Kirk Cousins, who is demanding the big bucks? No matter what he does, and I’d imagine he’ll have the final say at QB (though I’d expect he and Zimmer/Spielman are already on the same page). His decision will dictate whether this talented team ever reaches its full potential.

With most of the Vikings heading into their prime or already in the middle of it, the team is built to win now. But, making the right decision at quarterback will likely dictate how far that dream really floats.

Again, Zimmer and Spielman seemed eager to lock-up DeFilippo. I hope they’re right.

Eric Strack (Founder/Editor)
Minnesota Sports Fan @RealMNSportsFan

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