Vikings/Cousins Battle In Seattle but Lose and I’m Not Into Moral Victories This Weekend

Photo: @Vikings - Twitter
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The Vikings and the Seahawks played a great game tonight in Seattle, at Century Link Field. The game was close in the beginning, nearly got out of hand at one point in the middle, and then ended in bitter, disappointing Minnesota fashion (like it usually does). I’m so fucking sick of being let down in big moments. I know I’ll wait a few days and start feeling better about both the Gophers’ season and the Vikings easily making the playoffs, as a good team, no matter how they get in.

But right now, I’m fucking pissed off. I’m sick of my teams losing in big games. Why can’t we pull one of these things out? Kirk Cousins leads us all the way back but then can’t get the last 4 points he needed (because of a stupid missed extra point from the touchdown right before). I love close, competetive games but I hate losing way more.

Kirk had a big game, in a really tough environment, but he still lost… I don’t know what to do with my emotions right now. What a depressing fucking weekend. I won’t be breaking this game down because none of you care. I know I don’t. Our secondary is a problem but we couldn’t get any pressure either. Injuries are ravaging us. The Vikings will make the playoffs but I’m not about moral victories tonight.

Fuck losing. I’m over losing. It needs to stop.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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