Vikings Overcome 33-Point Deficit + Refs for Greatest Comeback in NFL History

Photo: Carlos Gonzalez - Star Tribune

The Minnesota Vikings came out of halftime on Saturday trailing the Indianapolis Colts 33-0. US Bank Stadium was a palace of depression as fans, coaches and players alike all questioned the playoff viability of the home team.

No team in NFL history had ever erased a 33-point deficit and gone on to win. And let’s be honest, a historic comeback was the last thing on anyone’s mind. The Vikings’ offense couldn’t gain a first down, let alone outscore a team by 33 points in one half. The defense was equally frustrating. Special teams was probably worse than both.

But then, what seemed impossible for nearly 35 minutes suddenly became possible. The Minnesota offense finally scored a touchdown. Then, they scored again. And again, and again and again and again…

33-7, 8:22 remaining in the 3rd quarter

33-14, 1:13 remaining in the 3rd quarter

36-21, 12:53 remaining in 4th quarter

36-28, 5:33 remaining in 4th quarter

36-36, 2:10 remaining in 4th quarter

After watching EVERYTHING go wrong for the first two quarters Saturday, it was almost shocking when the offense started clicking and the defense stopped allowing points. But the drama didn’t stop with the barrage of Vikings touchdowns in the 2nd half.

The Colts may have let things get away but the refs did their best to keep them ahead, three times blowing Indianapolis plays dead when they shouldn’t have.

Two of which should have ended in Chandon Sullivan scoop and scores. The most egregious was an obvious Colts fumble that Chandon Sullivan picked up and took to the house. It should have cut the lead to two.

Instead, the Vikings got the ball back (after a victorious challenge) on the other side of midfield. The drive ended in a turnover on downs, one of the only non-scoring drives in the half for the Minnesota offense.

But, none of that mattered when the regulation clock reached 00:00. Because the Minnesota Vikings overcame all of that consternation, both self-inflicted and not, to force overtime.

Of course, nothing comes easy for this squad. Winning the coin toss and scoring a touchdown immediately would have saved too much stress. Instead, the Vikings waited until the final possession in the extra session to finally get into scoring range.

39-36, 00:00 remaining in OT

Greg Joseph needed to hit a walkoff to complete the win, something that gives football fans in this state hives. But he hit it, completing the largest comeback in NFL history and officially claiming the NFC North for the Minnesota Vikings.

Team. Of. Destiny.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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