Vikings Bring C- Effort on Thursday Night But Still Dispose of REALLY Bad Washington Team

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So, let’s talk about Thursday Night Football… I’m glad it’s over.

If you missed the last 3 weeks of pure Vikings domination, and decided to tune in this week… you need to forget everything you just watched. Call up Will Smith. Maybe he has an neuralyzer lying around somewhere. Tonight was ugly. That’s something Thursday Night Football is often known for and I’m trying not to let it take over my thought process surrounding this football team.

Let’s get into it a little bit and see how I feel coming out of the other end…

It started out just like we thought it would. Our offense was getting into a rhythm on the first drive and Cousins hit Diggs for a big play early. He didn’t want to be giving out any apologies after this game… but Diggs definitely might have some regrets to discuss:

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From there, the game just got weird. The Vikings weren’t void of big plays. They had plenty of them and picking up yards wasn’t a problem in the running or passing game. It was weird and stupid shit. The coaches were calling stupid plays at stupid times or being aggressive when they shouldn’t be… Let’s just say, it was a good thing that our opponent tonight was the forever worthless Washington Redskins. They suck too much, especially after Keenum went out, for us to beat ourselves.

Oh yeah, let’s get back to some of those big plays I was talking about:

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So, the Vikings ended up winning easily, even though the game score late in the 4th quarter looked a lot closer than it felt, at any point in the second half (10 points). I’m chalking this ugly fest, with its poor play and boringness, to the fact that it was played on Thursday Night. I don’t think we need to worry about this being the Vikings team we see take the field 10 days from now vs the Chiefs.

For as many negatives as you can take from this game (that I am turning a blind eye to), there are a hell of a lot of positives you can look at.

Kirk Cousins still looked like “Fuck You” Kirk Cousins. He looked confident and ready to fire (and did) when given opportunities. He is the key to a deep playoff run. I’ve already booked us into the playoffs. Hopefully, Mike Zimmer can get his defense right before that time, but the key to winning games once we are there, is Kirk Cousins and my confidence in him grew this week.

And, a W is a W.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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